I was amazed a while back to find the below article on antimatter weapons on the front page. From my research, I know that the US military has developed all.

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Anti matter weapons

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Annihilation as an energy process. In , Dirac suggested that the building blocks of atoms -- electrons negatively charged particles and protons positively charged particles -- have antimatter counterparts:

Anti matter weapons

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The global production rate per year is only 1 to 10 nanograms. Currently, the few known physics reactions for producing antimatter involve particle accelerators or particle bombardment , but are both currently highly inefficient and prohibitively expensive.

Anti matter weapons


The entire ship does not need to be covered in the thickest Ablat. In a Penning trap, particles are radially confined by a magnetic field, and axially by an electrostatic field. This is obtainable only in enclosures that are sealed after filling and cooled to the temperature of liquid helium.

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To get to 1. This corresponds to a minimum production rate of antiprotons per second, six orders of magnitude higher than that at CERN today antiprotons per second. On the other hand, due to its very high cost and the enormous amount of energy needed to produce it, it has also become clear that antimatter could never become a usable source of energy for a power-plant.

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Heavier antimatter atoms have yet to be produced. Antiprotons and positrons are probably the only forms of antimatter that will be able to be fabricated, in substantial quantities, in the near future. Ablative armor would be very effective against such a weapon.

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Antiproton storage - A new concept for future energy systems. References for Appendix [A] A.

Jul 11, - To many people, antimatter probably sounds a lot stranger than it really is. to create small and fission-free (very low nuclear fallout) weapons. Nov 12, - A gram of antimatter, fired by railgun, would still release 20 kilotonnes . Assume, for starters, that the antimatter weapons produce and fire the  science based - Antimatter weaponry issues. Oct 4, - As if there aren't already enough nasty military weapons in the world, Antimatter exists the same as regular matter, though it has always been.

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Video about anti matter weapons:

Consequently, for several years, applied research concentrated on more promising near term techniques, though less elegant for the theoreticians. In , Dirac suggested that the building blocks of atoms -- electrons negatively charged particles and protons positively charged particles -- have antimatter counterparts:

Anti matter weapons

The hit of antimatter results in a horrific explosion. To read the astounding two-page summary of a top US general describing how he realized he was deceived and manipulated into supporting war, click here. That is, a ship could take several shots assuming it maneuvers to prevent the damage from piling up in one area.

Anti matter weapons

Anti matter weapons

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    So the angle they present to each other will be small. The first consists of making antihydrogen by combining antiprotons with positrons, and then trying to form solid antihydrogen pellets which could be stored and manipulated with the help of various electromagnetic and optical levitation techniques.

  2. Kazijora says:

    As is explained below, and confirmed by numerous professional publications see three recent ones at the end of this Web page , tiny amounts of antiprotons are sufficient to initiate huge thermonuclear explosions.

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    Like Mark read his answer, it's good , I assumed combatant ships would be distant.

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