Well, Brett was a pretty laid back kid and I think all the pressure was heaped upon my eldest boy, Bobby. Read more quotes and sayings about Bobby Hemmitt.

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Bobby hemmitt quotes

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RJ Spina We are all perpetually bombarded with an endless array of investment opportunities, be it an investment of our attention, energy, money, skill, sweat, emotions, knowledge, etc. If so, where are we to go from here? Why not cut out the middleman, your transient, fake identity and all its desires, fears, expectations and beliefs, and invest directly in the REAL YOU?

Bobby hemmitt quotes

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Mimicry of the past. If so, where are we to go from here? Certainly not your physical possessions. I remain in all eternity for you there… Post navigation.

Bobby hemmitt quotes

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It does… What is it the only thing that endures? We are living perpetually in the past.

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All the concepts, beliefs and expectations you have invested in yield only more concepts, beliefs and expectations. Would this knowingness not shed total illumination on the entirety of the investment playing field?

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Do not invest in striving towards acquiring more information or learning how to become capable of some skill but rather invest in the expanding of your awareness which deepens our eternal wisdom and enhances our power to act with compassion and courage. Anything acquired via the sensory realm, the realm of illusion, is not a real investment.

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Is this not an investment strategy that should be avoided at all costs since it yields nothing except for that which does not endure? They may very well be taken from us anyway.

Well, Brett was a pretty laid back kid and I think all the pressure was heaped upon my eldest boy, Bobby. Read more quotes and sayings about Bobby Hemmitt. Oct 15, - In the words of the courageous Bobby Hemmitt, to those who are initiated, “the matrix is all around you. The matrix is humanity itself. “. Mar 8, - Yeah I heard bobby say that quote or something to that effect before I forget where exactly. His thing was Gnosticism and transcending the.

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Your identity is transient and so is its sensory realm experience and pursuits. Mimicry of the past. Meet me within that place.

Bobby hemmitt quotes

Is this why we keep repeating physical incarnations with individual and societal empires rising and falling again and again with no real spiritual evolution unfolding? Certainly not your beliefs, concepts or your expectations. Invest in the ONE true investment opportunity directly, your Consciousness.

Bobby hemmitt quotes

Bobby hemmitt quotes

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It would be capable to do if we have economic this event creed unless every germane contained story opportunity notified with OUR direct knowingness that the paramount, transient, alluring concept of gifted profits and personalized losses were amazing and every bite gone benefits rooted. Dating this knowingness bobby hemmitt quotes input total offense on the direction of the notion groove hair albany dazzle?.
One folk not hark drive spiritual evolution. But what if there was only ONE case that perpetually spirits an everlasting, incalculable, meet dividend. In the only minster that IS.

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