Within ninety minutes of our Bois Blanc Island Bed and Breakfast you'll find casinos, golf courses, and dozens of other Michigan attractions. We love our feet.

Bois blanc island michigan

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There are lots of spiders that dart in and out of the rocks; just focus on the water! We found this docile Garter snake there. Jack-in-the-Pulpit Bois Blanc Island is full of beautiful wildflowers throughout the sping.

Bois blanc island michigan

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Margie and Peter were very responsive and Margie checked in on us to make sure we were settled. See more photos of Birds here. The kids and the adults had fun exploring, birdwatching, swimming and stargazing wonderful, black velvet skies!

Bois blanc island michigan

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All in all, this a wonderful home to spend time in with an extremely kind and knowledgeable host. Located on the gorgeous and secluded Bois Blanc Island, this home is the perfect Summer getaway for those looking to spend a bit of time in nature with family or friends.


Jack-in-the-Pulpit Bois Blanc Island is full of beautiful wildflowers throughout the sping. Lots of amenities are included with this home, including kayaks and canoes that are absolutely wonderful to take out on either the island lakes on the island or wonderful Lake Superior just a few steps away from the home. Not a typical thing - the thought of it being sick with rabies came to mind.

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In May, Bois Blanc Island erupts in wildflowers, including wild strawberries like these. During the War of , U. This space probides everything you need and skips all you don't. Beautiful tile work and wood details throughout house.

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Margie and Peter were very responsive and Margie checked in on us to make sure we were settled. Polygala This is a photo of the orchid-like wildflower known as Polygala, found on Bois Blanc Island.

Bois Blanc Island is located in the Straits of Mackinac, top of the "hand" that is Michigan. You can reach Bois Blanc Island by ferry from Cheboygan, a few miles. Jan 04, - Rent from people in Bois Blanc Island, MI from $20/night. Sweetwater Lodge - BBI secluded Island Getaway .. Great Lakes Michigan retreat. Photos of Bois Blanc Island in Michigan, known to the locals as Bob-Lo, with photos of the island's wildlife, wildflowers, lighthouse, and the Great Lakes.

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He was apprehended on Bois Blanc by Pinkerton agents, returned to Pennsylvania and acquitted. Webb hired the Mason L. A few years earlier [3] the Pointe Aux Pins Association was formed.

Bois blanc island michigan

As recently as the s, Bois Blanc provided lumber to Mackinac Island where woodcutting is prohibited. After extensive use as a source of kilned lime and firewood for Mackinac Island and other local frontier settlements, Bois Blanc was settled in the late 19th century as a summer resort community.

Bois blanc island michigan

Bois blanc island michigan

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    There's a propane grill, a fire pit you have to call the fire dept to ask permission to light a fire. Big Rock Bois Blanc Island is heavily forested.

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