Sep 6, - Hoarding is a serious issue that goes far beyond being disorganized. It's estimated that between 2 and 5 percent of the U.S. population exhibits.

Boyfriend is a hoarder

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Elderly people who hoard are in additional danger because of poor eyesight leading to tripping and falling over possessions being in walking areas, or fires being started because of item encroachment into the kitchen or heating appliances. Their collection has taken over. Compulsive Hoarding and The Meaning Of Things ," says that the difference is in how the collection is stored and organized.

Boyfriend is a hoarder

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I do not make light of their situation and I also know that misdiagnosing them can lead to a lot of upset from both the client and the professional. You will probably never see their way of thinking and similarly, they will probably never understand yours. Does your boyfriend have books piled on his windowsills to block out the sunlight and create a blockage to the emergency exit?

Boyfriend is a hoarder

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It is the behavior that consists of: I pleaded, cried, threatened until I saw that it was no use, nothing was going to change.

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Medications, like serotonin reuptake inhibitors SSRIs , seem to work best when used in conjunction with cognitive behavioral therapies. Encourage them to seek treatment for the problem.

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It is the behavior that consists of: Does your boyfriend receive frantic calls from the FDNY looking to shut him down? He has been hoarding most of our married life but I couldn't put a label on it until Oprah had a show dedicated to hoarding and now there are books, articles and more TV shows.

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Recognize that your partner is suffering from emotional and social pain. The difficulty of finally weeding through your closet is universal.

May 17, - How do you cope when your lover is a hoarder and you prefer to live to your partner- they prefer to hang onto them where you like to get rid. Jan 13, - I am almost afraid to post this (Please don't yell at me) and I was raised to be neat/clean and put things away, scrub the floor once a week, like. Oct 17, - modeling the benefits of hoarding-free behavior in your own life, and reinforcing positive change in your partner. The first post, below, is about.

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Here are my top tips for getting along as best you can. The difference is when you can't seem to get rid of anything even if it's in your way because you might "need it someday.

Boyfriend is a hoarder

Compromise- When you move in together- you tend to have designated spaces in the home- a wardrobe each, a bed side table each, a drawer or two to call your own. He has more darn excuses than you could ever imagine.

Boyfriend is a hoarder

Boyfriend is a hoarder

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    So here are are the questions I now ask potential clients on the phone when I smell even a waft of hoarder in their voice:

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