5 Of The Best Drinking Games To Play With Cards. Shithead. Everyone knows Shithead. Bullshit. Another card game that's vastly improved by adding alcohol. Suicide. Deal an equal amount of cards out to each player. Blow Me. Place a bottle in the centre of the table. Across the Bridge. Put ten cards face down in a line.

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Cool drinking games with cards

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They must also use the same amount of cards as you did. For each guess they get wrong, they must drink. If they're wrong, they have to drink. The drink softens the blow.

Cool drinking games with cards

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But remembering the rules when you've already had a few can be a struggle. President, Vice-President, Secretary, Asshole. Shot Roulette A truly terrible idea.

Cool drinking games with cards

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Never Have I Ever What you need: So here they are. If you flip a face card, you must put down more cards according to what the face card is.

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If you don't, you drink. If you get a numbered card you are fine and get to move to the next card.

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Then you might also be interested in: Magic cards can be put on anything and work as follows Thumper What you need: The President gives the two worst cards in their hand to the Asshole.

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The person following you must lay down a card of equal or greater value. Kings Cup What you need:

Jul 6, - Fortunately, you can turn pretty much any game into a drinking game, and a few require just a deck of cards (and some alcohol of course). Here. No cards and a whole ton of booze? Here are some drinking games you can play. Mar 12, - Card Drinking Games. Ace of Spades. This game is for the lonely drinker who wants to get drunk quickly by him/herself. Across The Bridge. Deal out ten cards face down in one line. Asshole. The first hand is used to determine everyone's rank during the following hands. Circle of Death. Players: 2 - No limit. Drug Dealer.

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If no-one guesses, the nibbler drinks. Any player who sees the wink must then say "The deal has been made. If the other player was lying, they have to drink.

Cool drinking games with cards

When starting you can lay down any card or cards with the same face value. However, if you flip a face card you drink according to the face card, Jack is one, Queen is two, King is three, and Ace is four. Kings Cup What you need:

Cool drinking games with cards

Cool drinking games with cards

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    Take it in turns to announce a card a put it face down on the pile.

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    Enjoy these games and comment if you try one out!

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