The Tale of Cupid and Psyche. Part of The Mythical Quest: In search of adventure, romance and enlightenment. A previous exhibition held at the British Library.

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Cupid myths

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Psyche disobeys his orders not to attempt to look at him, and in doing so she loses him. But instead, she saw Cupid and was instantly taken aback by how handsome he was. Venus laughs, and points out the poetic justice: He grew taller and stronger, into the man he was meant to be.

Cupid myths

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He is often depicted with his mother in graphic arts, this is nearly always Venus , playing a horn. The Tale of Cupid and Psyche Psyche, abandoned to her fate on the mountain top, is rescued and carried away by Zephyrus, the West Wind. Here, his attempt to steal honeycomb leads to him being stung, but on crying to his mother Cupid is told that such stings are far less painful than the wounds he inflicts.

Cupid myths


Startled by his beauty, she drips hot oil from the lamp and wakes him. She was waited on day and night by invisible servants. Love conquers all, and so let us surrender ourselves to Love. This is where different variations of the myth disagree.

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His other most famous attribute is his nakedness, which may indicate his minor status among the gods but also allows for the display of his beauty, itself a kind of erotic weapon exploited to the full by Italian Renaissance painters. It was at this time that he acquired the bow and arrow that remain such a strong symbol today. He was among the primordial gods who came into existence asexually; after his generation, deities were begotten through male-female unions.

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He became flustered and dropped the arrow he was going to shoot at her. In some narratives, he also has a younger brother, representative of reciprocal or virtuous love, named Anteros.

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Depictions[ edit ] On gems and other surviving pieces, Cupid is usually shown amusing himself with adult play, sometimes driving a hoop, throwing darts, catching a butterfly, or flirting with a nymph. As time went on, Cupid began to grow quickly.

The Cupid most familiar to the Renaissance is the son of Venus, goddess of love, whom he accompanies and whose commands he generally obeys in directing. Cupid, ancient Roman god of love in all its varieties, the counterpart of the Greek god Eros and the equivalent of Amor in Latin poetry. According to myth, Cupid was the son of Mercury, the winged messenger of the gods, and Venus, the goddess of love. Cupid. In Roman mythology, Cupid (Latin cupido, meaning "desire") is the god of desire, affection and erotic love. He is often portrayed as the son of the.

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While most gods truly represent what they reign over, there are not many who do so as well as Cupid. The goddess then sends Psyche on a series of quests.

Cupid myths

At the request of his patron , he increased its value by deliberately making it look "antique", [42] thus creating "his most notorious fake". There was a king with three beautiful daughters. She told him to shoot Psyche with an arrow and make her fall in love with a monster.

Cupid myths

Cupid myths

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    He agreed to her request. In the Greek tradition, Eros had a dual, contradictory genealogy.

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    Appearance Most artistic representations of Cupid show him as a chubby and winged young boy.

  3. Shale says:

    He is sometimes throwing darts or catching a butterfly. Today, Cupid is a recognizable figure who inspires romantic love.

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    Before he left, he told Psyche that she would never see him again.

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    He cries and runs to his mother Venus, [22] complaining that so small a creature shouldn't cause such painful wounds.

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