May 12, - A long flowchart quiz that will give you a final, definitive answer as to how cynical you are.

Cynicism quiz

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I can't stand them. You don't believe in the supernatural. Vent to most of your close friends and family.

Cynicism quiz

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In your opinion, all news is biased. Lucky objects or rituals are for the weak minded. Smile warmly in her direction. What do you think of most CEOs who own jets, large houses, and make obscene amounts of money?

Cynicism quiz

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I'm sure they all have justifiable reasons. If you need something done right, you know you need to do it yourself. You are not religious or spiritual.

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No What do you think about women who choose to have elective abortions? You think most charity organizations are cheating their benefactors somehow.

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I don't think about them. What do you think about Walmart's refusal to unionize? In your opinion, all news is biased. What is the point?

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Working hard is for suckers. You don't trust any politicians.

see our: Top 40 Quizzes. You see a documentary about a woman mourning her missing son. It is a 2 hour doco where the mother tells you of her suicide attempt. In this quiz, tell us how you would react to certain situations. Based on your answers, we will tell you just how cynical of a person you are. Let's Play! Question 1 /. NOTE: This quiz is not intended to replace the advice of a trained psychological or medical professional. Participants are advised to consult a qualified.

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When you see day workers waiting in line, you think: They're just shameless publicity hounds. Yes What do you think of the teamsters union?

Cynicism quiz

Challenge what you have learned from those days in this elementary school exam , high school literature test , and high school quiz. Through topics like history, language, and general knowledge , our quizzes motivate users to not only test their existing knowledge but to cultivate new learning experiences at the same time. I don't really care.

Cynicism quiz

Cynicism quiz

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    Well I bet Apple got alot of business after that.

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    We draw inspiration from food and world travel, to music and movies , helping us create smile-inducing personality quizzes even if you only have just ten minutes away from work.

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    What do you think about people one drive Hummers?

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    It's great that people in power are promoting peace Sometimes it may be highlighting an error we made on a quiz, but often it is a kind comment to say you enjoy our quizzes and to keep going!

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