A splitting maul, also known a blockbuster, sledge axe or go devil, is a heavy, long-handled axe used for splitting cumbersome logs. It has a head that typically.

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Go devil splitting maul

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Steel may stay sharper longer than iron. Visit online shops and reviews from verified purchasers. The right splitting maul saves you time. Iso Core will transfer twice as less vibration and shock compared to other models.

Go devil splitting maul

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You can readily discern which end of a log was originally higher if one tip is smaller, or if the piece has any branches such offshoots always grow toward the sun. Actually, the maul is job site tested and approved before release to the market.

Go devil splitting maul

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Such features are easier to add on handles made of composite materials. Every year folks foolishly and seriously injure themselves working up firewood, so don't take ANY short cut that might end up giving you a long cut!

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Actually, the maul is job site tested and approved before release to the market. They also provide good leverage for accurate strikes. This will make your work easier and faster.

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To guarantee you years of reliable service, the maul features durable material. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Your Budget Unless you a millionaire, spending on anything is always a struggle between needs and savings. Actually it more like a sledge hammer that has been shaped into an ax-like blade on end. Wooden handles are quite fixed.

Oct 13, - The latest one is a splitting maul, colloquially known as a block buster, go-devil and a sledge axe. The logic behind the last nickname is. I recommend starting out with a pair of wedges and that workhorse of the log-busting trade, the splitting maul (or "go-devil"). The blade of the latter implement. A splitting maul also known as a block buster, block splitter, sledge axe, go-devil or hamaxe is a heavy, long-handled axe used for splitting a piece of wood  Other names‎: ‎Wood Maul; Block Buster; Block.

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You have to face the fact that you must take the slightest opportunity to save. The blade offers incredible penetrative power. Always place your to-be-broken rounds on a short chopping block.

Go devil splitting maul

Weakness in one area will lower the performance level of the entire tool. Visit online shops and reviews from verified purchasers.

Go devil splitting maul

Go devil splitting maul

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  1. Diran says:

    In addition, be sure to hit the rounds flush:

  2. Dokazahn says:

    Single-Piece Forging or Socket? Certain models feature wooden and metallic wedges.

  3. Malakora says:

    I know he's around here somewhere but I can't find him. I've been using a really old "go-devil" to split logs.

  4. Brashakar says:

    Then, if the number two wedge fails, you can knock the first one free and drive it in along the side.

  5. Kagam says:

    Therefore, they may not necessarily be cheap. What is a Splitting Maul?

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