Mar 20, - The female orgasm can be a puzzle for men — after a while, some guys just say screw it and go play Call of Duty. Jordan Carlos, Girl Code.

How to make a girl orgasem


Well, when someone is about to orgasm, they will start to tense up breathe faster… Both guys and girls do this. If you find moaning a little hard to come by, just say anything. Some women can only come with a clitoris, enjoying penetration afterwards, without a climax.

How to make a girl orgasem

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Find and Capitalize on the G-Spot The G-Spot is that area in the female genitalia accredited with giving the woman maximum sexual experience. There is a bunch of different combinations you can use for double penetration: Phil says it takes a woman 14 minutes to have an orgasm… well I feel bad for Dr. Double penetration is a more advanced technique, so you may want to save this until after she is more comfortable with the previous techniques to give her an orgasm during intercourse.

How to make a girl orgasem

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They stimulate her both internally and externally by wrapping around your pubic bone. This, therefore, means that as the man, you will need a certain amount of discretion in order to realize you are in your woman-s G-Spot.

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Does she know how to get herself off when on top? Here are a few ways you can be more dominant.

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Here are a few ways you can be more dominant. If you change the rhythm, it might make her unable to orgasm. Using Other Sex Toys There are a lot more sex toys that you can be using besides dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators. So the first thing you need to do is relax and recognize that it's not all about you.

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The female orgasm was a mystery to me. Dildos, Dildos, Dildos Dildos are exactly the same as your penis, right? If you want to learn more oral sex techniques to make her come, you can try the book She Comes First. Regular vaginal sex while she is wearing a butt plug.

Well, one thing is for sure unless you have delayed ejaculation, a woman generally does take longer to orgasm than men do. And if you don't warm her up,  ‎How to Make Her Squirt · ‎How To Talk Dirty To A Girl · ‎How to last longer in bed. Feb 2, - Learning how to give the girl you like an orgasm, and make her cum hard might be one of the most important things you learn as a man. And yet. Sep 5, - Explains the secrets of the female orgasm and offers some ideas for how men may find it easier to give a woman an orgasm.

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Lightly digging your nails into her shoulders, back, ass, hips and legs and gently scratching her. I talk about this in the post that introduces the 8 vital rules for BDSM.

How to make a girl orgasem

Alternatively, you can hold a vibrator against her clitoris instead of using the Vulcan V to make her come faster. If you want to try something sexier, a foot massage with a warming gel can do wonders, especially if you concentrate on the pads of her toes and the webbing in between, which are linked to her nether zones according to reflexology charts. While bang-on is too sensitive, those two sweet spots will make sure that she takes a licking and keeps on ticking, thanks to the bulbs hidden just beneath.

How to make a girl orgasem

How to make a girl orgasem

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Ready important sex while she is loyal a butt plug. Data she know how to get herself off when on top?.
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    Warm Up Her Feet Every guy knows that when a woman hits the sack she loves to wedge her cold feet between his legs to warm up.

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    This, ironically, can make her have less powerful orgasms and in some cases, prevent her from having an orgasm altogether.

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    This can make her come while your penis is inside her next to the toy.

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