Oct 11, - So, your crush is a Taurus. While The Bull might seem like one of the most intimidating signs of the Zodiac, they are softies deep down.

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How to seduce a taurus guy

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He pays a lot of attention to what he can see. Do subtle things like wearing your favorite red lip or doing your hair like you're in a Pantene commercial.

How to seduce a taurus guy

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Make sure to be physically affectionate toward your man with a whole lot of hugs, kisses, and other non-sexual touches. Stay in for date nights While going out on the town might seem nice, The Bull will appreciate a lowkey date night at home. He wouldn't want a partner that believes she can do whatever her man can do. It is widely known that if you want the Taurus man so bad, you have to ask him out yourself.

How to seduce a taurus guy

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After all, it is much easier to work with rough and unfinished items than with polished items. The Taurus man loves his woman classy and of the best quality, so coming across as sluttish or cheap is a turn off.


You should expect nothing but a traditional relationship style from a Taurus. The typical Taurus man has ambition so he wants a woman who knows where she is going. Besides kissing your lips and the rest of you, he loves food, fine wine, and luxurious restaurants.

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So try not to show up to your date dripping in Gucci. He might have been terribly hurt in the past due to the mistakes he made.

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This makes it unlikely that they'll make the first move. He also admires sculptor, tapestry, architecture but most of all, he loves his woman to always take the time to be beautiful and attractive for him.

To seduce a Taurus man is very simple. Just learn the art of tantalizing the five senses. This guy is more tuned into his earthly senses like no other sun sign. Jun 3, - I reveal my top 4 proven tips that you can use to seduce and attract a Taurus man. If you are interested in a relationship with Taurus you need to. When it comes to learning how to seduce a Taurus man, you must ensure that you possess the following characters. Present a stable and secure image. Prettify yourself. Know what you want. Be independent about money. Show your vulnerability.

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If you start to fall for him, let him know. That being said, the Taurus male everything to do with smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing. Giving generous compliments about his appearance once in a while can be a good way to start.

How to seduce a taurus guy

Additionally, it is easy for the Taurus man to fall in love with financially stable women who show they can be financially independent. After dinner, offer your date something sweet.

How to seduce a taurus guy

How to seduce a taurus guy

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    The men born under this sign connect deeply with the physical and the tactile.

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