Hubert Jason Cumberdale is a character featured in the Salad. Hubert is a little white finger puppet with a sewn on mouth and black dots for eyes. Hubert seems to be Salad Fingers' favorite puppet as he is seen the most.

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Hubert cumberdale

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Mable Appearing in episode five, Mable is a scuffed, grubby, scarred young girl who goes to a picnic with Salad Fingers. At this point, he appears to forget that the party was for Hubert, and nervously assumes the birthday seat for himself.

Hubert cumberdale


At this point, he appears to forget that the party was for Hubert, and nervously assumes the birthday seat for himself. Referring to them as "the whole platoon" another ambiguous war reference , he approaches to reveal that each of the five guests is a deformed version of himself not looking aged and unshaven as he does , each eating brains and bodily organs while groaning or performing repetitive and deranged actions.

Hubert cumberdale

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The scene then switches back to Salad Fingers lying on the floor, pale, with his stomach still wounded, and seems to be pumping air into his chest, suggesting that he's relapsed into illness. He then taps another message on the fire grate, requesting a home for "a meddlesome child". He is seen to have the flesh torn from his body or possibly rotted away due to the length of time his corpse has been hanging in Episode 10 and finally ends that episode as a skeleton, his flesh turned into a hat which was given as a gift to Salad Fingers.

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It has a large stitch across its forehead, and as such, many refer to it as "Stitch-head". Salad Fingers has a crow "visit" for his picnic.


He starts to talk about life with the women of the great war. Yvonne A black slimy object that Salad Fingers "gives birth to" out of the front of his stomach in episode nine. In this episode Salad Fingers mentions the Scottish town of Cowdenbeath , indicating he is aware of real-life places.

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Episodes[ edit ] Each episode is 2—10 minutes long. The shock of the girl speaking to him, thus meaning the girl is indeed real, not a figment of his imagination, drives Salad Fingers to temporary insanity, hallucinating, hearing screeching, distorted noises, and seeing the girl complete with empty eye sockets in front of a vortex saying, "What's wrong, Mr. The name of the episode was revealed by Firth himself in a YouTube interview. The scene fades out, and returns to Salad Fingers, awake and still lying on the tombstone.

Hubert Jason Cumberdale is a character featured in the Salad. Hubert is a little white finger puppet with a sewn on mouth and black dots for eyes. Hubert seems to be Salad Fingers' favorite puppet as he is seen the most. Here's the truth about me the untold secrets, the facts. Salad Fingers is a British flash animation web series created by David Firth in July . In episode five, Hubert Cumberdale is temporarily renamed Barbara Logan-Price (and given a "friend hat" which is actually a Navy cap). In episode six  ‎Concept · ‎Music · ‎Characters · ‎Episodes.

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He is seen if only in Salad Fingers' mind to sprout knives and slaughter a horse. Salad Fingers becomes uncomfortable with the child's proximity and begins to leave. Episode 8 — Cupboard[ edit ] Release date:

Hubert cumberdale

The Salad Fingers inside appears to be hallucinating , seeing the "outside" Salad Fingers as a life-size Jeremy Fisher. Salad Fingers is holding a piece of torn newspaper, imagining it is a letter from the Great War presumably from his "brother" and reading it aloud to himself. Salad Fingers is sitting on the floor at his home and brushing the nettle over his nipple, which makes him lactate, and says "It seems

Hubert cumberdale

Hubert cumberdale

He heroes out to the aim, calling it "Mr. Move Suggestions pics Urban Cumberdale to "wearisome that cinnamon off at once!. compuglobalhypermeganet Hubert cumberdale

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The road replies it was charming of Lovely to take his unite. His endlessly, strangely-shaped fingers are his most recent feature, hence the name hubert cumberdale Fingers".

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    What's up or What's the matter?

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    Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. He throws the puppet away in fear, only for it to sprouts knives and latch onto a nearby horse closely resembling "Horace Horsecollar".

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    Salad Fingers declares that he "shan't, can't and won't", on the grounds that it isn't "his turn" and that it is an extremely unpleasant job.

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    He addresses "Milford Cubicle", still hanging from the meat hook he was placed upon in Episode 3, trying to persuade the now heavily decayed corpse to take a bath for Hubert Cumberdale's birthday. Unnamed characters A young, relatively normal-looking child, wearing a varsity-type jacket whom Salad Fingers appears to have cooked in an oven in episode two.

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    A dream-like sequence follows in which Salad Fingers sings the same song, in a white dress, on a stage in front of an audience of a theatre. Apparently dreaming, Salad Fingers walks through a large meat locker singing " Somewhere Over the Rainbow " to himself.

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