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I don't think you call that bad pacing. As I remember it was a very nice facility with a lot of space. Look at those "lame" photos Ande posted earlier of the Texas "desolate and flowerless" excuse for hills Texas has produced some gas house football teams


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I mean God is omnipotent right?? I'd say Texas has this one hands down I once visited UT. Gahh, I missed my chance to make an on-topic posting!


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He's our new scape goat for disasters such as these on the USMS forum now. I was at the "real" UT when both of those bowl games happened. Is a shame they had to close that facility because at the time it was one of the biggest facilities in the world. If they love it, tell 'em I thought of it.

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I also prefer summer to last year round. After Saturdays races we clear out lane lines and set up a couple of inner tube water polo courses. I think the guy you are thinking about is Scott Spann who I believe swam for Texas for 2 years after transfering from Auburn.

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Issak and he swam for SMU. Are you sure you haven't had those three drinks today already you mentioned on the NSR site?? Either you've been watching to much Star Trek growing up I think you call that a for time followed by an cool-down:

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Chris was the most phenominal of the group though IMHO From a Scientific Standpoint:

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  1. Malara says:

    Hey, If the beer relay doesn't pan out, I say we do a college alumni relay instead after the meet. Also, the whole "cydesdale" read Mike Shaffer classification may come into play, although stick man Bobby kinda challenges that old stereotype.

  2. Zulurisar says:

    Last but not least, I think its time we added an event at the meet.

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