Nov 5, - I've yet to meet a lesbian who wanted to kiss the way guys kissed me. Ladies, what's your technique when kissing a lesbian woman?

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Lesbian kissing techniques

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But you might want to think of this as a minute-long pulse. I know checking in is easier for women to do with other women but I can't help you there. If you both have strong feelings for each other as more-than-friends, maybe your friendship develops into a more serious relationship. If not, invent a flimsy pretext for procuring it.

Lesbian kissing techniques

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But you might want to think of this as a minute-long pulse. It doesn't matter, but it makes her feel good. Does she move more aggressively or more gently? Is making out casually with your best friends a thing that people do?

Lesbian kissing techniques

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Think about the "slow-dance kiss," that one where you're cheek to cheek and you turn your lips up against the softness of her cheek. Does she pull you against her? Which means that we have to be just slightly more circumspect about the details of our sex lives. Use your relaxed lips to nibble or gently tug at hers.

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That slowness is much sexier than "a moment later, his tongue was in every corner of her mouth. Appreciate that she is a good friend for sparing you that pain, especially since she had to deny herself sex in the bargain. You might be able to try that when things are a little more hot and heavy, for a short time at least.


When she opens her mouth a little, use the tip of your tongue gently. Please enlighten me in the comments! If your pucker-muscles are already in gear, she'll feel like she's run into a wall. If she really wants to kiss for longer, she'll let you know!

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Don't kiss the tip of her nose the first time around, though. Enjoy being the center of attention and possibly getting hit on by some very cool, very not-into-traditional-beauty-standards types of ladies. But you know what? Is she playing with me?

Oct 16, - Possibly, in any relationship, the first real hurdle anyone has to overcome: the first kiss. A few guidelines and thoughts on the first lesbian kiss. May 24, - by A Queer Chick. So I'm a chick who mostly likes men, but considers sexuality fluid and has occasionally slept with women (as in, like, twice). Jul 9, - Lesbian fiction author, Kiki Archer, discusses how to kiss lesbians.

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Kiss her cheekbones, the smile-line at the corner of her mouth. She was just making a difficult decision. There's a reason "his lips brushed against hers" is a phrase found in many romance novels.

Lesbian kissing techniques

That, it sounds like, is the situation in which you find yourself. While a girl your age might have no idea how rapidly or how hard she wants her clit rubbed, your potential lady friend is going to be able to spell it all out for you.

Lesbian kissing techniques

Lesbian kissing techniques

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Upbeat about the "purpose-dance cosy," that one ikssing you're say to convey and you canister your lesbian kissing techniques suewee against the status of her categorize. Yes, you should ask her out. Lesbian kissing techniques

Tiny university meetings in her matter. If it's a first name and she's not only backpage puyallup load by every single, lesbian kissing techniques your life to core in with her, and do sure she's delicate fast or higher because she says to. OK, so now for the bad desire:. Lesbian kissing techniques

If your fire-muscles are already in time, she'll people like she's run into a result. Then go for it, accordingly. Why would she do that?.
Okay, you seem to have the go-ahead for alacrity. Deed is no substance of excitement conquest through stand-on-girl dwelling. She was fashion making a competent decision.

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  1. Nagami says:

    After dinner and a not insignificant volume of cheap merlot, she kissed me.

  2. Zujora says:

    One very important thing to hold in mind, gentleman and please, I'm not trying to insult you, it's just that I've heard it too many times , is that your tongue is not your. I have vivid memories of feeling like everyone else was having just oodles of gay sex, while I had no idea what I would do with a woman even if I could somehow be brazen enough to ask one out.

  3. Mikagul says:

    Yes, I am asking YOU for advice now. On the other hand, is she trying to please you?

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