Rising Sign information for each of the 12 Sun Signs.

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Libra rising sign female

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Everyone approves of them, and the public adores their actions, because they know how to appeal to the heart and soul. If the target is to run a kilometer and win, they run swiftly and want to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Libra rising sign female

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They have powerful sex appeal and are passionate in love and sex. Although they are flirtatious and liberal in their early years, they are very fond of homes and marriages.

Libra rising sign female

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Nevertheless, you have every chance to live to a ripe old age in good health. They believe and trust in themselves. The clothes are often yellow and orange, Leo's favourite colours, and in any case, they are of the highest quality.

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Love is very important for you and your interest does not diminish with the passing of the years. Do you see why Gemini rising needs a Jupiterian like a Sagittarian or Pisces?

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In the northern hemisphere, Libra is rising rather slowly. They like to be heroes, especially ones who sacrifice themselves… They also like poems and stories. They have excellent comparative abilities. Ascendant in Pisces or Sun in Pisces Physical Appearance and Favourite Colours Even though they may not perfectly match your outward appearance, if your Ascendant, or to a lesser extent, your Sun, is in Pisces, you might take on the following characteristics:

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An interesting fact is that men either immediately admit to it in love, or run like fire. She is a diplomatic and understanding friend, so she can listen and give advice to anyone.

Jul 14, - Are Libra Rising - Styling your image around your Ascendant sign is a This is Lynda Carter aka the original Wonder Woman in a dressing. Sep 1, - Libra Ascendant: The Libra Rising Sign Characteristics. Libra ascendant is Libra Ascendant women are intelligent and extremely charming. Sep 16, - A Libra has an instinct for making peace, and sometimes that drive for justice gets self-righteous. This is the first sign in the public hemisphere.

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Therefore, you must be vigilant in these areas and, for instance, never forget to wear a helmet when you go for a motorbike ride. They can put on a wrinkled shirt and still look great or wake up in the morning as cute as a button.

Libra rising sign female

The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. Sometimes, those with Libra rising are very concerned with the projection of a stylish and aesthetic appearance, and so, may be very fashion conscious.

Libra rising sign female

Libra rising sign female

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    Active involvement in your community, especially in conflict resolution and facilitating or coordinating groups of people to cooperate and help one another, is essential to fulfilling your soul function.

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