Oct 13, - Schrödinger's God: The Pyrotheology of Peter Rollins. Leave a reply. From a my old Blog. Published: 21 Jan A paper I gave at the.

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In this choice faith does not die but is forged. The subjects or themes of the events are varied but more often than not challenging.



We judge him wholly worthy of the sacrifice, wholly worthy of our being. Rather than espousing an understanding of Truth as an absolute metaphysical claim or truth as verifiable fact, Rollins argues for an understanding of Truth as a higher law of love.


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As he reflects the elder says: Following this another woman tells a personal story of how she has experienced abandonment and sings an song following the theme of fidelity, longing and abandonment. But in Pyrotheology, as in the best of Christianity and other traditions, the work is inward, and does not require us to acquire things, convert new followers or conquer external obstacles to get what we crave. It represents the promises of Jesus that must have felt shallow or distant to those witnessing a mother wailing while nursing the body of her dead son and remains a single light in a darkened church until Easter morning.

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This continues for a good ten minutes. Instead he has developed an approach that sees Christianity as a critique of these very things.

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People tend to fear change, and they tend to conserve past traditions for sale of comfort. Back on topic, the church is plummeting into irrelevance, caused by its defiance to do what is so natural and central to spirituality itself: Any one of us might be known objectively by name, parentage, physical attributes, career or family, but those who love us, know us as subjects, irreplaceable, unique individuals.

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While certainty and satisfaction are being offered to us from multiple sources, Rollins argues that the church offers the paradigmatic version of this pursuit. Recognizing the lack in others, we respond with love. It would seem that those in the emerging conversation are engaging in this journey much more intentionally with the use of theological reflection and psychological insights, and this is where we find Peter Rollins.

Oct 13, - Schrödinger's God: The Pyrotheology of Peter Rollins. Leave a reply. From a my old Blog. Published: 21 Jan A paper I gave at the. Katharine Sarah Moody is one of the worlds leading experts in Pyrotheology. She edited the special edition of Modern Believing that this course is based on. contacthelplinetn.org» Towards a Description of Pyro-theology. Increasingly my work is being referenced via the term, “pyro-theology” or 20 Likes10 Comments4.

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The lack is felt in our lives as anxiety. Like the invitation to leave the venue blindfolded, with which the service ended, that was probably still a step too far for most participants. God is offered as that which will give us satisfaction and a certainty not available elsewhere.


Today Rollins is a writer, public speaker, philosopher and theologian who is fast becoming a prominent figure in Postmodern Christianity and the emerging church, or as he refers to it the emerging conversation. This certainty, however, also brings us into conflict with others, as it leads us to to view our moral positions as absolute truths that we can righteously impose on others.



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