Jun 21, - It was this former location of the Ark of the Covenant which I believe to have found. This researcher believes that the location of the Temple can only be found when the historical and .. Jerry - 10/18/ PM.

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The ark of the covenant found 2010

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And he had written a book or two. And so, when I found it, it was in a situation that I had not anticipated or expected, that was that it was in a chamber that was totally filled with what appeared to be debris.

The ark of the covenant found 2010

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Warren noted that feet Four cross holes cut out of the rock, one higher up than the rest on a platform and set back. When he reached the mountain, Jeremiah found a cave-dwelling; he carried the tent, the ark, and the incense-altar into it, then blocked up the entrance. He says that the object described by the Lemba has attributes similar to the Ark.

The ark of the covenant found 2010

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Later, Herod created a six cubit high foundation for his Temple, which almost completely buried the Rock. There is further historical evidence in the Scriptures showing that the Holy of Holies was located in the highest point of the Temple. These are actually 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes.

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Dan was in charge of the Jerusalem district this year. Ron Wyatt discovered that this same blood and water poured down through the earthquake crack and fell upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant.


It was this former location of the Ark of the Covenant which I believe to have found. American amateur archaeologist Ron Wyatt lay on his stomach, inching forward with nothing but the flashlight in his hand.

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According to Middot 2. God had commanded Moses to make the Ark of the Covenant Ex. Rabbi Yehudah, dissenting, says that the Ark was stored away in its own place, meaning, somewhere on the Temple Mount.

One of the greatest mysteries for believers of the Judeo-Christian religions is the present location of the Ark of the Covenant, a chest that is said to contain the. He discovered that 2Chronicles is the last reference to the Ark of the Covenant, and verse 19 tells us that this was in the year BC, just 35 years before. The Ark of the Covenant also known as the Ark of the Testimony, is a gold-covered wooden .. You are the Ark in which is found the golden vessel containing the true manna, that is, the flesh in which Divinity resides" .. Retrieved ‎Portal:Ark of the Covenant · ‎Manna · ‎Aaron's rod · ‎Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion.

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And it shall be that when you multiply and become fruitful in the land, in those days—the word of the LORD—they will no longer say, 'The Ark of the Covenant of the LORD' and it will not come to mind; they will not mention it, and will not recall it, and it will not be used any more. Every small donation helps us develop and publish great articles. The intersection of the southern wall with the southern continuation of the line of the step would form the south-west corner of the square Temple Mount.

The ark of the covenant found 2010

The Lemba seem to follow many Jewish customs, including; circumcision, not eating pork and Lembas are encouraged to marry within their own tribe of 80, or so. The date is probably accidental, right? The Ark had power — Kings consulted it, people were forbidden to look at it.

The ark of the covenant found 2010

The ark of the covenant found 2010

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    The smaller section of the cover was moved aside, creating an opening into the stone case. Finally, in Jewish understanding, the higher the ground level, the holier the location.

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    The molding comprised an alternating pattern of bells and pomegranates. At the beginning of his reign over the United Monarchy , King David removed the Ark from Kirjath-jearim amid great rejoicing.

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