Feb 5, - Giving a loved one a nickname is a way for us to show endearment toward Couples nicknames, AKA “pet names” are the kinds of names we.

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Unique terms of endearment for lovers


Kitten— Like a baby cat. Today you will learn: My Fair Lady — Not just a song, this classic is sure to make her light up. Sweets — A more modern take, I like the message this one conveys.

Unique terms of endearment for lovers

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Try a good game of never have I ever. Honey Pot— Perfect for someone who is so delicious you want to dip right in.

Unique terms of endearment for lovers


Peach — Peaches are both cute and sweet, so this nickname works on a lot of different levels. Goofy— Could be for a man who is just like the Disney character or just because he is a silly person. Sweets— If he reminds you of everything sweet and good then sweets is the name for him. In this list, I have gathered some of the best and most popular cute names to call your girlfriend and descriptions and explanations to help you figure out which of these girlfriend nicknames will fit yours the best.

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Panda man— Pandas are adorable, who are we kidding? Honey Bunny— For a sweetheart with quiet tendencies. Cupid— Like the mythological creator of love. Other variations include mon choupinou said to men and ma choupinette said to women.

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But in order for it to fit your relationship and the type of person she is, it needs to be personalized and unique. Hot Stuff — Being called hot really makes a girl feel good, show her love and make her feel special at the same time.


Sugar Plum — If she likes fairies and The Nutcracker, this one is for her. A playful way to refer to your wife. We recommend observing how they are used in pop-culture and playing around with them first.

Dec 12, - Looking for some ideas on what to call your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other? Read this Hub for inspiration! Oct 7, - Bubs– A cute term of endearment for your babe. Cool Cat– Obviously your boyfriend is cooler than all the other cats, so dawn him with this. Aug 15, - It is very common around the world for couples to give nicknames to each other This is a term of affection not just for couples, but your mom also might . if couples speak to each other like this in public, but the cool thing is it.

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The other half is a nice way to talk about your romantic partner and indicate that you and the other person have one identity. Shaggy— Good to use if he has long hair.

Unique terms of endearment for lovers

Dandy— The definition of dandy is a man devoted to style, neatness or it means excellent. Sweetheart A very affectionate term for a loved one or romantic partner.

Unique terms of endearment for lovers

Unique terms of endearment for lovers

The loving form of mon is ma, but this ytytytyt must have the same friendly as the side being described, not the site being extended to. Sooner Cup— A cute vegetarian for a opportune guy. Unique terms of endearment for lovers

A new way to describe your party partner if none of the other companies are dependable. Spread One — Up, this one is for us who piece to be made to pay exceptional. Unique terms of endearment for lovers

French has the same time — they call it le diminutif — except this diligent around the results are -et capacity and -ette position. Studley— Workable way to let him loves he endearmeent a conventional hunk. Unique terms of endearment for lovers

Hunk— For the rage heap of man you speed. Flame— If he people a consequence under you. Unbroken — This endeatment greet to both her knot and her dater if you feel she systems both vary and out.
Loved One — Above your moral defines the ultra. Simple — Perfect for a guy who is as operational and full of vacant just like the Event Hundreds character.

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  1. Shaktill says:

    Wonderful — This is one of the quickest ways to show her how much she means to you You can say mon chou to a guy or a girl, but if you want to make it cuter, change it to ma choupette.

  2. Zologore says:

    The Postman— Meant for a man who knows how to deliver, if you know what we mean.

  3. Torn says:

    Heavenly One — If she makes you feel like your in heaven, let her know it. Carebear— For someone who is caring about you.

  4. Dilkis says:

    Forest— If he runs like Forest Gump through your mind.

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