What do people have to say about Tawkify? "I didn't have to do a thing, but show up! Cynthia's commitment to her clients is seen through her actions of following.

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What is tawkify

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These questions have been condensed and edited. Then, we'll learn exactly what you and your date thought of each other, because feedback—skillfully dissected and tactfully shared—helps us hone in on crucial compatibility factors. Matchmaking is a process — almost never a quick fix in a date or two. Where do you live?

What is tawkify

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Jean Carroll and Kenneth Shaw. They use private profiles to aid that process--along with a 80K and growing member-strong network. We pride ourselves pun intended on being equal-opportunity Love Makers. Our exclusive, private and personalized approach is great for single people who don't have the time or inclination to to do all of the searching, screening and planning that we can more easily do for them!

What is tawkify


Brooks — an automated robot butler with a propensity for quoting Stevie Wonder lyrics — e-mails with instructions on how to proceed. It all starts with your consultation with one of our matchmaking experts.

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Shaw, who himself found online dating useless because he didn't have the time to browse through hundreds of online profiles. Some are standard passport questions like gender, age and city of residence, and a few involve longer written answers to help the matchmakers get a feel for who you are, and what you're looking for in a partner.

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If you are accepted as a new client, your experience formally begins when you connect with your personal matchmaker to discuss your dating history and preferences. How many people are in Tawkify's database?

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Special to The Globe and Mail. We pride ourselves pun intended on being equal-opportunity Love Makers. Jean , which has been running since — reached out to him to help her create an online dating site, Kenneth was skeptical. The price reflects all of that work.

Tawkify clients will be paired with a matchmaker. The matchmaker will work closely with you to understand your dating life, and get an idea of what you're looking for in a relationship. Matches are made based on common values, interests, and other traits and characteristics that can be quantified in a dating profile. Aug 2, - Waiting by the phone for a boy to call is familiar terrain. Waiting by the phone for a robot butler to call is a new one. contacthelplinetn.org is an online dating site with an oddly traditional twist – living, breathing, human matchmakers. Tawkify is a dating website that uses human matchmakers instead of computer algorithms to select matches. Tawkify is a matchmaking company, not a "dating site". That means humans – not machines – pick your matches, and they use your profile information and photo in that process.

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You might be sort of "picky" and haven't been meeting other quality, relationship-minded people. When the choice is made, we'll plan and schedule a fun date to introduce the two of you.

What is tawkify

The call ends and I am relieved. Create a Simple Private Profile Start your private profile and upload a photo. What is your occupation?

What is tawkify

What is tawkify

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    I asked Kenneth if it was realistic to expect people to pay that much, especially in cities like New York and San Francisco, where everything is so expensive already. Special to The Globe and Mail.

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    Our minute Tawkify is scheduled for While it doesn't seem likely for a matchmaker to create a successful pairing without meeting their clients in person, it also doesn't seem likely that a computer spewing zeroes and ones could work any real romantic magic — but I've attended enough weddings lately to know otherwise.

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    In my online questionnaire, I state that I'm looking for a kind and funny man and mention my fondness for food trucks, as well as TV shows devoted to food trucks.

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    It's a simple process, really, that we repeat until you're interested in pursuing a relationship with one of your matches.

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    We're working with clients in or nearmost major US metro areas currently.

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