Aug 3, - Emboldened by beer, I stuck out my hand for a handshake when my turn came. the great-great-granddaughter of famed etiquette expert Emily Post, and current But even when a woman has seemingly won the handshake.

Woman handshake etiquette

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The intent might be to show intimacy or friendliness, but unless you are already on an intimate level, this will only come across as manipulative and tricky, and others will resent you for it. So if you are a man, always wait for her to extend her hand. Handshakes should be brief and firm, applying just the right amount of strength so that they go by as if unnoticed. The wider issue of reduced formality is a sign of the times.

Woman handshake etiquette

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I spoke to Joe Navarro , who has been studying non-verbal behaviour for the past 45 years, 25 of which were spent in the FBI catching spies. When mingling, hold your drink in the left hand so your right hand is always free and dry to shake. Unfortunately, the number of seconds will vary depending on the situation, and if you stand there counting them it defeats the whole purpose of seeming natural and at ease. Other women are guilty of these much more often than men, and it gives me a little bit of a bullying, superior feeling towards them.

Woman handshake etiquette

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I assume you're in the US? Not because any lasting agreement was made, but because that crucial and simple gesture was gigantic.

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Or like she's afraid her hands will shatter like porcelain. It's made particularly bad when they've just given Mr Brown a firm handshake, and then just smile politely as me, maybe give the obligatory wave. If you meet me, a nod and a smile will do fine. If not, smile and acknowledge her some other way.

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Well, not between men. Why do women sometimes feel uncomfortable about shaking hands? Some people are very good at sensing if others want to be touched or kissed but some people have difficulty.

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I prefer a handshake, too, but if you're meeting someone's girlfriend, mother, or what-have-you, it can seem a little stiff and formal. But I always offer my hand to both men and women equally. Sorry I can't remember the source The guideline they gave was to let the woman initiate the handshake. Along those lines I was instructed to greet women with words and not gestures.

Handshake etiquette especially with women. July 14, PM Subscribe. Over the course of my personal life I have noticed a trend of not shaking women's. Jun 15, - A proper handshake helps make a good first impression in any social or business setting. Here are some important tips on how to shake hands. Apr 25, - Women dressing up as men, striding around office buildings willy-nilly, their brazen crotchal forks shrouded only in a thin layer of cotton-poly.

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Create a category, make a post, join the fun! It is not that these women were told not to do so, it is that they were not taught to do so. Both men and women need to shake hands, and to do so correctly.

Woman handshake etiquette

And if someone can tell that you had to learn something as simple as that, that's a lost deal. Yes, you're supposed to wait for the woman, but you're not alone in finding it annoying in certain contexts when they don't.

Woman handshake etiquette

Woman handshake etiquette

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  1. Migar says:

    To shake hands properly, you should extend your hand with the thumb up. It is not that these women were told not to do so, it is that they were not taught to do so.

  2. Digar says:

    Sure, it's unfair, but first impressions can haunt you forever.

  3. Shaktigis says:

    Just like the victorians would get all excited at the sight of a woman's knee. The handshake is the business greeting.

  4. Mimuro says:

    As Joe rightly says, always default to what is safest.

  5. Nalar says:

    Which is ironic because she's not looking at me and won't see it, but I've found if a woman won't make eye contact then she won't want to have physical contact.

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